Monday, September 26, 2011


He's back! after a few days in Tennessee and i'm so happy. This was the first we have been apart since we have been married and i missed him!

He landed in San Francisco, so we couldn't pass up an opportunity to eat some of our favorite grub in one of our favorite cities! fried pickles at hooters (the best fried pickles i've ever tasted. seriously!) and fried chicken at bubba gumps! can you tell i missed him? eatig all that fried food :] love him.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Life has been busy. with nothing too exciting besides work. sadly.

we did get to spend an exciting four days acting as suedo parents for my three younger siblings (3,4,13) and chris learned first hand that kids are lots and lots of work. its hard to stay frustrated too long though when little jojo starts loving on you (chris learned that too :])

other than that, I had a busy weekend spent crafting to my hearts content (thanks husband) and am so proud of the results.

I've mentioned before that i bought a really cute, full of character, old desk at a garage sale for $20. and it sat. and sat. and sat. on our back patio for a couple of months. I finally decided that i wanted to do something with it and i'm SO glad i did. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the finished result and feel really proud of myself for completing it and loving it.

part of the reason it sat so long was because i was so nervous to touch it, in fear of ruining it. so i researched. look up tons of distressing and refinishing ideas and tutorials on pinterest (i know, lame right) but finally decided to just go with what i felt would be best. and it worked out perfectly! i'm a little bummed that the old smell didn't completely leave, but i'm sure with a little more pinterest love, i'll find a solution (also, if you aren't on pinterest yet, you should be. but maybe you're better off not being :])

So. Here it is. My desk project. what do you think?!

this is my absolute favorite color, and i love the way it looks next to our red couch and how perfectly it fits in with the rest of our decor. and not to mention that we can now have a place to store our computer, instead of on our kitchen counter :]

Chris leaves for a funeral back home in tennessee tomorrow for the weekend and i'm sad to be without him but glad he gets to go spend time with his family.

other than that, we are heading to conference next weekend and i'm SO excited to be getting away from the daily grind, and back to utah. weirdly, i've missed utah and idaho a lot lately. it will be fun to be in a familiar place with a husband this time, and to be with him for his first conference center experience (we got tickets for a few sessions and i'm SO excited!)

will post pictures upon our return :]