Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas...."

ok. not really. i'm perfectly content with a christmas sans snow, although it is pretty.

i suck at blogging. i was texting my sister in law about a certain christmas gift that we (chris and I) received in the mail today from his grandparents in tennessee, and she said i should blog about it. annnnd now that i've uploaded all of these pictures that picture isn't even here. note. we got a country ham. its pretty funny (and i think chris is actually pretty stoked on it). i'll have to do another post about it. and yes...the box smells like ham. poor delivery man. haha

we have, like always, been busy. so instead of going into detail about everything, i'll let the pictures do the talking with a brief rundown.

In the last month or so we

.spent thanksgiving in beautiful and relaxing lake tahoe at a cozy cabin
.put up christmas decorations....our first christmas tree. i love it!!
.made homemade christmas candy (long time family tradition)and looked at christmas lights
.celebrated the husbands birthday at Lucille's, a yummy southern restaurant
.traveled to Las Vegas and St George (my mom and I) for a good friends BEAUTIFULLLL wedding. really. it was perfection.

We have had a crazy whirlwind year (uhhh what happened to 2011???) and have been so fortunate and blessed. Can't believe we are coming up on our one year anniversary!! whoa baby!

Merry Christmas (lets get real, i'll probably not blog again before then....) Enjoy the pictures.

note...if you are ever in vegas or st george (or parts of utah) you MUST get custard at Nielsen's. its to.die.for.

the beautiful wedding. after the ring ceremony, as they were walking down the aisle, baby bunnies were released. it was so adorable and perfect!