Thursday, June 27, 2013

6 months!

Oh my how time is flying by! 6 whole months with this little love! Lots has happened this past month! 

Saylor at 6 months:
.sitting up alone!! Such a big girl
.army crawls like a champ. I would bet in the next week or 2 she'll be full on crawling. Eeks!
.has had her first stomach bug and cold :/ he ended up in urgent care after a day of throwing up. Poor thing
.is sleeping about 11-12 hours a night! FINALLY! It's a Christmas miracle ;)
.loves to pick at mom and dads food.
.eats squash, pears (finally a fruit she likes), sweet potatoes and avocado
.is digging the homemade baby food mamas been making
.took her first road trip to Utah to visit great grandparents. She was such a trooper!! 
.went swimming in the pool and the lake. Hoping she turns into a little water baby! 

We love her to pieces. Crazy that in another 6 months we'll have a ONE year old! It's no joke when people say it goes quickly! Each new stage and skill is so fun. Love our little baby sails!