Friday, March 26, 2010


officially done. this was me last night. yes thats a countdown chain. and yes thats one little ring left. one. and now...NONE! soooo happy. officially done and graduated from college. goodbyyyyye las vegas!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


ok. thats not really true...YET! my LAST day of student teaching is tomorrow and i could not be more thrilled!! i haven't been teaching these past two days and me being at school is kinda pointless but thats just how it goes i guess. i had my "work sample" last night, which is just a little portfolio you put together on a unit you taught and then present to the university supervisors down here. i passed, obviously, which means that as of 2:11 tomorrow afternoon I AM DONE WITH STUDENT TEACHING and i am officially a college graduate with a bachelors degree. too bad i wont' be able to get a job...but thats another story.

my time here in vegas has been fun, despite my constant desire to be done student teaching. I have had fun roommates and we have been able to enjoy vegas, the strip, the shopping, and the restaurants fully (ok...maybe not the strip fully, but i think i'm ok with that). this picture is pretty much what i get to look at every single night from the balcony of my apartment. that big building is a huge casino named south point, and its actually kinda pretty at night. there are CONSTANTLY airplanes in the sky seeing as we live like ten minutes from the airport. its actually kinda cool to be so close and i'll probably miss this view a lot when i'm gone.
As a tribute to our last weekend in vegas, my roommates and i went to the Lion King at Mandalay Bay last weekend. i've seen it once before but it was so awesome...even the second time. and even better, we only paid 25 bucks per ticket. i LOVE student discounts. you can bet you're bottom dollar that i'll be keeping my byu idaho student id card and milking it until i no longer can.
my roommate gene (jenny) and i

getting ready to go in.
if you haven't seen the Lion King, SEE IT. its amazing!!
I'm heading home on sunday and these two faces below are two of the many reasons that i am SO excited to leave vegas. i cute are these kids???

This pretty lady flies in tomorrow and i could not be more excited. we are gong to have a fun weekend together and i'm so thrilled.
and maybe we are going to see him on saturday night and yes. i am SO excited. ahhh loooove john mayer. seriously. love him. gonna be a good weekend!! and then home to california.
annnnd 19 days until hawaii.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2 weeks and picture overload

So...I decided upon looking at this blog that it's probably the most boring blog in the land but i don't really care because i'm pretty sure nobody besides my mom actually reads this...if even she does :] I have LESS than two weeks in vegas and i could NOT be more thrilled. its been fun but i'm ready for sunshine and summer time at HOME. its been a long time since i've had a summer at home. and i'm thrilled to be there with my family. not so thrilled on the job hunting part. ugh. depressing.

Student teaching update: i have my last observations tomorrow from my supervisor who comes and pretty much makes sure we know what we are doing and teaching. thrilled about that. my students are currently working on an intense project to finish the unit we are doing on a book which means that its kinda smooth sailing from here on out. so nice.

My countdown list looks something like this :

8 more school days until student teaching is finished
10 days until the best friend comes for a visit to vegas. SO excited
11 days until john mayer in concert in vegas. looooove john.
12 days until i'm HOME in california.
21 days until i get my hair cut and colored. this NEEDS to happen now. seriously. its getting bad.
and last but definitely not least...
28 days until i touchdown in hawaii :] and for this i can NOT wait. getting very very anxious.

These pictures are from some of my recent adventures in vegas. I might have mentioned some of them already but oh well. One of the girls down here student teaching is married but her husband is living back where they are from so he could keep a job etc etc. well his dad is a HUGE gambler at caesars palace and by HUGE i mean...he is a 7 star member. there are like 5 of them in the whole world. seriously. they send HIM money to come to vegas and gamble in his hotel. that said this girl has CONNECTIONS. the type of connections that gave us an awesome FREE suite at caesars and let us cut the hour wait line at a cute little restaurant called serendipity's...those kind of connections. it was awesome. so we spent the entire weekend watching the olympics (don't judge, we don't have cable) and hangin out on the strip. it was definitely awesome. here are some pictures to enjoy. the first of which is JUST the beds in the room. sooo nice.

roommates: michelle, beca, and jess in front of the bellagio water show.

proof that i have a key to those double doors. yeaaaah.

before heading out for the night.
these next pictures were from two weekend ago. My good friend Kristin came to town from utah and we spent saturday out at redrock here in vegas. It's pretty cool. I had heard it was lots of trails and hiking, which i guess it kinda is, but mostly its just rock climbing, like boulder jumping stuff...the fun kind. SO that was our adventure. and here are the pictures to prove it. The top was pretty awesome. and we could NOT have picked a better day to go "hiking".
beca and jess....our classic pose

top of the rocks. LV...for las vegas...which is behind us in the background.

Kristin and I after the "hiking". We were trying to get a picture of what we just climbed
but ended up with this instead.

annnnd a look at what we climbed. its bigger in person i swear.
Sorry my blog is boring. BUT there's only so much i can do :] i put lots of pictures up in hopes that it makes up for the lack of fun things going on and the lack of color and stuff on this page. thats all!!
can't wait to be done! soooo soon.