Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2 months

This little love is 2 months old! I can't believe it, and at the same time I can. Motherhood is hands down the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. But its also the most rewarding, especially now that she smiles just from hearing my voice. swoon.

At 2 months miss Saylor Rae is:

.not a great napper. still. she loves to take little 20 minutes naps a couple times throughout the day. it drives me crazy. but ive discovered that if she gets a lot of sleep throughout the day, she gets pretty restless at night. our goal is to find a happy medium this next month or so

.nursing like a champ. almost too well. which is a blessing and a curse. Sometimes its a little exhausting to have to nurse all the time, but I know that it's so good for her so it keeps me going. if she would take a bottle every now and again though I wouldn't mind it :]

.is starting to smile and talk A LOT! its so fun. if we talk to her she lights up and showers us with smiles and sometimes will carry on conversations with us in her cute little cooing ways.

.hates her binky...still. I've been trying to work on this as well, because sometimes it would be great to help her soothe herself. she'll gag on it a few times and then take it if I hold it there.

.has gone to church a total of 3 times. and has done great so far. and obviously looks really cute in her church clothes.

.gets lots and lots of comments on her hair wherever we go. "oh look at that head of hair...and so dark too" "she hasn't lost any of that hair yet has she?". its safe to sat its her distinguishing feature at this point.

.has the longest eyelashes which makes this mama soooo happy. they are kind of blonde so not always super visible, but if you get her profile you can see how long they are and its so cute.

.looooves baths. just the sound of the bath water running can calm her down some nights. we've incorporated it into our nightly routine because it calms her down so much.

.loves to bounce on the yoga ball (curses....why did I ever buy that thing?!?). somehow she knows the difference between us sitting on the couch and us sitting (not even bouncing) on the yoga ball. bouncing puts her to sleep. so for now, its helpful I suppose.

.is so happy in the morning. morning nuggles are my favorite thing. she just sits there and coos and talks and smiles and I love it.

.is so cute and squishy. she goes in to her drs appt tomorrow so i'll know her weight then, but her little round cheeks are to die for

we love having saylor in our home! She gets to meet her papa and aunties and uncle next week and I am so excited to be going home! woohoo!