Wednesday, October 5, 2011


my little sister use to call utah "mytah" funny huh.

anyways. we took a long weekend trip and made our way across the desert of nevada to the great Salt Lake. Chris's parents were in town from Tennessee so we met them "halfway" and ended up at general conference. not too shabby eh. we had a blast, ate WAAAAAAAAAY too much (i don't know if i'll ever recover), attended possibly the best come back BYU game i've ever experienced, and were spiritually uplifted by the wonderful leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Doesn't get much better, eh?

this is how the morning drive started out...i knew i was in for a long weekend filled with lots of food.

isn't is beautiful. SIKE! also...has anyone successfully figured out what that weird statue is in the middle of the salt flats?

my cousin kate and her cute boy tommy. so glad i got to meet up with her awesome family for some YUMMY cafe rio!

isn't my husband cute? i sorta like him.

sat REALLLLLY close at the byu game (like 2 rows up in the end zone...where they scored the winning touchdown in the last 15 seconds of the game. it was AWESOME!)

the beautiful conference center! ps. we totally made it on tv during the sunday morning congregational hymn. we are stars.

walked around temple square. so beautiful

and decided that THIS was the breakfast of champions for the drive home. the cashier was so distracted by all this junk she initially forgot to ring up our two waters. see...we ARE healthy.

all in all, a wonderful weekend spent with wonderful people. here's to a break from reality, and to starting a new job full time on monday...yikes!