Sunday, April 28, 2013

4 months

Miss Saylor Rae is 4 months already!! I can't believe it! Time is going so fast.

Some fun facts about Saylor from this month

.she is 14 pounds as of a week ago
.she tried her first round of rice cereal and didn't hate it. I'm excited to introduce her to the good stuff like avocado and bananas
.she has started to laugh and it's the cutest thing ever
.is so so smiley. Her big gummy grin melts our hearts
.went to the dr to get a check up on her brain bleed and he seems to think she is 100% better. We'll do one more test just to make sure but we all think she is just fine :] music to my ears
.is sleeping in her crib for a majority of the night
.thinks its fun to wake up at 5!! Uuuugh
.is starting to become way more interested in her toys
.rolls over!! Back to tummy and tummy to back. Woohoo.
.is ALMOST into 3-6 month clothes. Little wiffet
.still loves to be out and about and to see the world. She's my little shopper girl
.loves her puppy dog marley
.charms people with her round chubby cheeks and big eyes

We love her!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

3 months...a little late

Three months!! Time really does fly with littles! Saylor is at such a fun I crazy that I'm not the biggest fan of the new newborn phase (eek). I think with our next one the newborn phase will be more enjoyable...

Saylor at three months
.took her first plane ride and trip to California. She did well...for the most part :]
.got to meet her California papa and aunts and uncle and all the rest of the awesome people there
.FINALLY takes a bottle. Thank you sugar water
.FINALLY takes a pacifier. Thank heavens
.loves to face out to discover the world. None of this super snuggly business.
.is literally the most smiley baby ever.
.still has all her hair (I get told/asked about this on the daily) and hasn't lost any besides on the back where she sleeps on it
.is starting to put herself to sleep (whaaaat?!)
.has discovered her hands and eating them
.looooves bath time.

We love her. So glad she's ours!