Sunday, July 31, 2011


Please excuse me while I brag....

Last night, while husband was at work, I busted this little painting out.

and i love it. I found the original idea on pinterest (but its really from costplus world market...and its also like $100). luckily...the world of pinterest, and this lovely blogger,completely opened my eyes to the world of DIY and i'm so happy because thats about the only way to decorate a small apartment when you have no money.

obviously the original is really good but i'm loving the way mine turned out. and it helped that it only cost me about $7 worth of paint and sponges (minus the canvas cost, because mom already had that unused from our wedding).

here it is hanging in our kitchen (please excuse how blurry this picture is...annoying. and also how cluttered our counters look)

Friday, July 22, 2011

San Francisco via pictures

and then listen to this song (for the song...not the concept of the video!ha)

there's something about this city...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


totally not pregnant...or even close...BUT it seems that EVERYONE around me is. people from home. people from college. old roommates. people at work. aquaintances. so.many.babies. and when i see pictures of these friends while pregnant AND after...they all look SO good and perfect.

so this post is to say that i hope i look "SO good and perfect" when i'm pregnant (hahahahaha....not likely). i hope that people look at pictures of me and say "she looks SO good" as i'm sitting in a hospital gown baby in arms. because those are the types of pictures i see. all.the.tiiiiiime. what in the freak people?! is there a secret "look perfect pregnant" secret? can i have it to store for when i need it?!

is it ridiculous that i think/worry/ponder about these things? probably, but...just sayin...

(disclaimer...i know this post is totally superficial and self indulgent. i don't care. and the reason i don't care is because these truly were the thoughts running through my head as i did my nightly browsing...thats all...)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lucille's BBQ

doesn't it just look so cute? you walk in the doors and immediatly inhale the delicious smells of BBQ. I think Chris was a little worried if it would live up to his southern expectations BUT when we walked in the door and he got a whiff he couldn't help but agree that it smelled delicious. Chris ordered the southern fried chicken and i ordered the southern fried chicken club (pictured below). it was fun to splurge a little on good food and to celebrate being married for a whole six months :]

the best coke in a mason jar.

fried pickles. so yummy.

my meal. 2 full pieces of chicken, applewood bacon, melted jack cheese. YUM.

to eternity and beyond!

Mr Spann Man and myself have been married for 6 whole months this past friday. Time has FLOWN! we have had a lot of fun trying to figure out life since and can't wait for whatever lies ahead. Here's to eternity. Love you babe!

To celebrate, we ate dinner at a really fun southern food restaurant here in sac town called Lucille's. It's DELICIOUS and awesome! anyone that serves diet cokes out of huge mason jars couldn't be anything less though :]

Saturday, July 2, 2011

brain dump

.this is what our kitchen looks this is not my kitchen, but it looks pretty much exactly like this...with my own stuff in it. we love our apartment.

.except we don't love that our fridge stopped working last night. luckily we were able to save our food and bring it to my parents house. thanks rents.

.earlier this week chris found a snake in.our.apartment. INSIDE people! grosssss. i must have left the door open while i was out and i received a phone call from chris saying "you have to come and see whats in our apartment!!!!" it was a little garden snake. BUT STILL! sick.nasty. i arrived just in time to see him scooting it out with a shoe. since then i've seen multiple nasty spiders. ugh.

.i have a weird heat rash on my arm. GO AWAY!

.we have tried (unsuccessfully) to get cable and internet TWICE now. ugh. we have been free of both for two weeks. it hasn't been that bad but still. its annoying. (chris maybe has finished two complete seasons of the show the OC) hahaha

.i love being tan. a lot.

.i LOOOOOVE the fourth of july. its my favorite holiday after christmas. its all the most perfect aspects of summer combined into ONE day. swimming. boating. bbqing. family. FOOD. fireworks. all combined. its perfect.

.if you don't buy the uncooked fresh tortillas from costco you are a fool. i will never eat a store bought flour tortilla ever again. i promise. they are to DIE for.

.i miss the north shore.

.life is good.