Monday, July 26, 2010

Pearl Harbor

Today Chris and I joined my uncle roy and aunt lisa at Pearl Harbor. It was a lot of fun and we got to play tourists for the day (tour guides via headphones and all). We did the whole thing....went to the Arizona memorial, on the submarine (for the life of me i can not remember its name...its starts with a b), and then went over and visited the USS Missouri battle ship. It was a loooooong day and we got a little pink but it was fun to finally be able to do something touristy since we both had the day off. Chris even said "see we do stuff" once we were back in the car. haha yeah. we do stuff...righhhhht.

Here are some of the pictures.

I love him and it was fun to get to spend the day together and to get to be with some of my family. It gave him a little preview for when we go to california in september. I think he's gonna fit in just perfectly :]
also i should NOT have had that diet coke at 9 with dinner. i will not be sleeping anytime soon.

Friday, July 23, 2010

this and that

the following pictures are all from the 4th of july. yes i know that was forever ago. but here is the proof that it was awesome.

we went to waikiki for an awesome fireworks show put on by one of my good friends from homes family. we were FRONT ROW to the biggest fireworks show in hawaii. like seriously the caution tape was right in front of us. had we been any closer ash would have been falling on us. it was awesome!!

then on monday the 5th of july we went to kaneohe bay with some of our friends that chris made through work. kyle and his wife bordam (i have NO idea how to spell it, she's korean) are so fun and we were so thankful they invited us to go out on the boat with them.

we stationed at this little sand bar in the MIDDLE of the bay and snorkled a bit and grilled on the boat and then went tubing for a bit. AWESOME day with awesome people :]

i don't look cute in the picture, but i think chris is cute in it.

the girls...this was right after bordam told us that the last time they tubed out there a little hammerhead shark followed them around on the tube. UHHH GET ME IN THE BOAT!!!
since then we have just been hanging out and working lots. highlights (and some not highlights of july) include
-getting a car (finally...1997 honda accord with AC. its heaven)
-being one month closer to california for a week. please.come.faster!
-working a lot. plus, but takes away from doing fun hawaii work work then play :]
-losing my 2 month old droid phone and ipod to a rogue wave at the beach. yes. i cried.
-colleen's sister kory getting here.
-gettting to spend time with chris on our days off (going to the mall and shopping or seeing movies...always fun) go see inception. its GOOOOOD!
thats all for now. i need to work on taking more pictures :]

Saturday, July 10, 2010

brain dump

-yesterday we went car shopping because i NEEEEED a car. it was a little discouraging and maybe put me in a mood for a little bit BUT... oh well. on the way home we got stuck in north shore traffic and without ac in the car (ps the car we test drove had ac and i think chris and i were in heaven!!) we were pretty much sitting in a sauna. sooooo we pulled over and got a shave ice doused in strawberry falvoring. hence the picture

-i am working a looooot more hours now and got promoted to a cash lead. soooo that entails a raise (not much, booo) and all closing shifts. it doesn't suck and i'm SO thankful to be working but maybe i told chris yesterday that i wanted a vacation to go do all the fun things in hawaii. i feel like we don't do a lot. guess thats life. work work work and a little play. i live in paradise...can't complain too much.

-i talked to my mom about plans for when we go to my home in california the beginning of september. gonna be a gooooood week.

-our neighbors are suddenly really loud ALL the time. where have they been since i've been here because this is the first i've heard of them. vacation maybe? either way. STOP BEING LOUD! swimming and screaming past midnight is NOT cool. my window is right by your backyard. blah.

-4th of july weekend was awesome and i have lots of fun pictures to prove it. i will post those later though.

-costco is selling the book "to kill a mockingbird" right now for 10 bucks. its the books 50 year anniversary and i LOVE it. it is my most favorite classic book and was the reason i decided to become an english teacher. if you have not read it GO BUY IT!

-the sun has not been shining the past week until AFTER i go to work. seriously annoying. i am losing my tan and i am getting maximum annoyed at that. hey hawaii...its july...STOP raining all the time. thanks.

thats all for now. more pictures from the 4th coming later!