Friday, December 27, 2013

12 months

Saylor girl is officially one!! Ahh it has been such a fun and fast year!!

This past month has been busy! 

At 12 months Saylor:
.say Mmm or nom to every food she likes and eats.
.says mama, dada, Mmm, dog (hit or miss) and grandma swears she said more 
.claps when you say yay, waves hi and bye
.started leaning in to give people kisses
.laughs at herself when she toots. I think it's so hilarious
.sneezes in 3's. And if her paci is in, she removes it, sneezes, and puts it back in
.walking all over
.got her first baby doll and loves it. Tried to feed it from her own bottle without any prompting 
.went back to Nashville to visit her Spann family and visited Opryland with Christmas lights, celebrated her first birthday party, and had her first taste of Christmas. Oh and survived 12 hours total flying. Barely.
.had her first Christmas! She wasn't much interested but she looked dang cute! 
.turned one! Such a fun crazy year we've had miss Saylor! So happy your ours! Happy birthday!!!  

Sunday, December 1, 2013

11 Months

Quick update. 10 months and 11 months got blurred together because that original 10 month post didn't make it up from my phone. drats.

Saylor at 11 months:

.experienced her first Thanksgiving and LOVED it. I couldn't put food on her tray fast enough. She particularly liked the sweet potatoes dredged in butter and marshmallow. me too girlfriend, me too.
.made her second trip to Utah since being born. This time was much more difficult because she is so over her rear facing seat and would MUCH rather be walking and playing. luckily, we all survived.
.cut another tooth. a fang. ha! we now have two bottom teeth, and an upper left fang just barely peeking through. her cousin who's younger than her by two weeks already has 9! we're working on growing some more. and its not very fun.
.walks walks walks walks walks. ahhhhh. she is all over the place. sometimes I say she walks like a "drunken saylor" because she gets going too fast and loses her balance.
.loves the swings. does full on belly laughs when she first gets on. its so hilarious and cute.
.love apples. whenever there is an apple in sight she will grab it and immediately take a nibble out of it. and hold on to it for a looooong time just working away at eating it. she often will follow me into the kitchen and sit and cross her legs and eat her apple while I clean up or make lunch. its so cute.
.can charm the pants off anyone she meets (not literally). she gets more compliments than anyone I've known when we are in the store or around town. she's been called a cupie doll more times than I can count. I don't hate it :]
.looooves her dog and any dog in general. she walks over and nuggles them (sometimes a little tighter than they would like i'm sure).

She is so much fun to have around! love her to pieces. Can't believe she will be one in less than a month!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

10 Months

I did this post at exactly ten months but my phone was having issues posting it! bah! then I got a new phone and the draft wasn't saved before I forget TOO much of what happened last month....Saylor at 10 months


.was an owl for Halloween and was so dang cute!
.finally went to new pediatrician here who said she was (as of October 16th) 21 pounds (95th%) and 29 inches (75th%) (I think...when I originally did this post I knew the percentiles, but now i'm second guessing myself and they may be reversed. but I think I wrote them correctly).
.full on walking. JUST before turning 10 months. she was crusing EVERYTHING the entire month and was working on her balance but still found crawling to be more efficient. then one day she was full on walking. and now we cant stop her! ahhh.
.says mama, dada, dog, and yum
.looooves grapes and bananas. especially grapes.
.clicks her tongue at you when she wants something you have, or more of what she was given. or if shes hungry.
.shakes her head no when chris sings "I shake my hair back and forth" and then laughs at you.
.can sign the word more.
.still enjoys gymnastics. she LOVES the parachute at the end of class.

we love her. each age is so fun!! I can't believe how fast this year is going. ahhh

Saturday, September 28, 2013

9 Months

9 months is SO much fun! 

Saylor at 9 months 
.still only has 2 bottom teeth
.said "dog" while chasing after her puppy marley. Mom and dad were shocked
.says dadadada when asked to say mamamama
.fell in love with Cheerios
.takes the initial one step, solo, and then backs out and crawls
.went to a well baby check up and is almost 19 pounds! She's 87th% for weight and 46th for height. Uh oh haha
.is officially sleeping in her own bed all night AND putting herself down for naps during the day. Sharing a room bc of living circumstance has made sleep training hard, but boy are we so glad we made it happen. Sleep=bliss! 
.loooves my siblings. Screeches in the hallways at school when we go to pick them up
.has her 3rd cold :/ boo! Living with elementary school kids/putting all things in your mouth means lots of yummy germs
.went to the beach for the FIRST time and loved it! Rodeo beach in San Francisco 
.visited muir woods 
.started a little gymnastics class once a week and seems to like it so far
.is in 6th month clothing 
.walks very speedily when she is pushing something. She is soooo close! 
.dances anytime music comes on

We love her so much! She is so much fun to have around and has such personality!  Can't believe in 3 short months she will be 1!!! Where does the time go? 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

8 months

Saylor is SO fun!! 

This month has been especially crazy! We were on the go almost every weekend! Hmm might be why she hates her carseat ;)

Saylor at 8 months:
.right around 18 pounds and in 6 month clothes
.crawling, cruising, standing, pulling up on, and balancing. She does it all! And fast! She is getting brave these days and lets go of tables and couches and is able to stay standing solo for 5-10 seconds at a time! 
.went to hot August nights in Tahoe AND Reno
.went to her first amusement park and did NOT eat any snow cone. Nope. ;)
.gets deliriously silly at about 6 every night and crawls crazily on the couch while we all chase her and play peek a Boo. She loves it and laughs hysterically.
.is starting to dance when she hears music
.is pulling bows out of her hair :/ it's started. Sad day for mama
.says mama every now and again
.has only 2 teeth with another about to pop through 
.likes to eat real food. She loves fresh white peaches and LOVE LOVES pluots. She gets a goofy grin with each bite. She's also tried pork, potatoes, pasta salad (but definitely NOT any ice cream) and was a big fan of each.

She's the best. Most days Chris and I look at each other and think "how did we get so lucky?!" Yay for happy healthy growing babies! 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

7 months

How?! Before I know it she will be all grown up! Ahh! Make it slow down! 

This past month was a fun one. 

At 7 months Saylor is:
.17 pounds. And had 6 month shots that were pretty awful. Good thing she's so smiley 
.celebrated her first 4th of July! Mesmerized by the fireworks and not even scared of the noise they make
.took her first trip to Montana to great grandmas house. We visited glacier park,dipped our toes in mamas favorite Montana lakes, flathead lake and lake McDonald, and played with the pony and chickens in the backyard 
.is pulling herself up on everything. She has bypassed crawling on all fours and instead does a speedy army crawl and then stands whenever and wherever possible. She'll walk early like mama...eek!
.still an ok/pretty good sleeper and horrible napper :]
.took her 3rd round trip airplane ride. This babe is a pro at flying.
.was spoiled by grandma and had a little taste of cake (and other unmentionable treats ;)
.is clapping up a storm. Loves to clap and pat things...tables, faces, floors etc
.went out to Folsom lake for her first boat ride and dip
.eats lots of yummy fruits and veggies
.smiles ALL.THE.TIME.
.is still all gums. No teeth for us yet

Miss Saylor're the best!!