Friday, January 28, 2011

Wedding Pictures

Here we are. Married 2 whole weeks. Time has flown and i'm having two attitudes about it. the first being "whoa...its already been two weeks!!" the second "its only been two weeks?? it feels like so much longer!"

Needless to say i love being married and its been a whirlwind of events. We are settled back in Hawaii and right back to work.

I couldn't resist posting some wedding pictures. My amazing cousin at bubba-loo photography was there on our special day. She was one of the talented photographers that we had there to take pictures. i am OBSESSSSSSED with every single picture she took. Here are just a few to wet the pallet a little. For more look up, visit or view her facebook profile under bubba-loo photography. you will fall in love. i promise.

ps it was HARD to narrow down the pictures for this post!

This last one is courtesy of our wedding photographer over at she is awesome as well. so excited to see more of her work!!