Sunday, May 30, 2010


-i love my computer. i do. BUT this whole overheating this has GOT.TO.STOP. for real. i'm almost positive one of the fans is broken, hence the over heating, so i need to get it fixed. problem. i'm in hawaii now and best buy is no longer around the corner, but instead on the other side of the island. i should probably figure out a way to get it to best buy before december when the warranty is up, because this whole shutting down when i am mid task is freaking annoying

-yesterday was the perrrrfect beach day in hawaii. where was i? shopping. ugh. it was good, and needed, but i was a little depressed as chris and i drove past sunset and waimea and pretty much the entire north shore to see teal water and bright sandy beaches. my plan sucked. sorry chris (he was all about a beach day, instead i dragged him to "town" aka honolulu which is forever and a half away from laie).

-i love hawaii. still. BUT i'm kinda feeling a little more exiled than i did in rexburg (which is saying something). all the big shops that you need (wal mart, target, costco, civilization...) are all at least 45 minutes away. and i don't have a car so therefore i have to ask the boy to drive me there. ohhh well. i'm survive. mom if you see any cute clothes at target and are feeling have my address :]

-bugs are nasty. i killed one that was crawling by me the other day and it was gross. and there are lots of them here. and nasty cockroaches which will make me shreek every single time. like the huge one in chris's kitchen the other night. nastyyyy.

-my roommate colleen gets here on WEDNESDAY! getting excited. i'm glad she is coming because the boy seems to pick up quite a few shifts at the golf course and i don't want to be left stranded and bored! and also she is really fun and its going to be a blast and i will get the necessary girl time. love that.

-i have not had an acai bowl since wednesday. withdrawls.

-the ward chris goes to is SMALL. and i felt like people were looking at me and wondering who the heck i was. so it was my goal to get cute for church today. too bad i didn't feel that cute. and i got a blister on my heel from my shoes. ohhhh well.

-my whole family spent the day at the lake yesterday and i was really sad i wasn't there. i love the lake and summers at home and i got to talk to them just as they got there.... made me a little bit homesick...granted i do get to wake up in hawaii every morning with the beach down the street from me, but still. home is home.

-remember how i complained about my face being so broken out. way back when i had a roommate tell me that baking soda mixed with a little water is a great facial. which it is. it makes your skin nice and smooth and gets rid of nasty skin (thats gross, sorry). butttt now my face is so so dry(probably because you should really only do it once a week, not every day...but i just wanted everything to go away!). which i'm glad because it means no breakouts...but it kinda looks gross. here's to hoping my face adjusts soon.

-my jeep sold today. so sad to see her go to someone new. i love love loveeed my jeep grand cherokee and she was such a good car to have up at school. so sad to sell her but so thankful for the money that she is making me....kinda. hopefully i get a car like her again that i love just as much. i know its just a car, but still.

-i start work tomorrow. ahhh i'm a little nervous but i think it will be good. and its my first week and i have 16 hours. not.too.shabby.

ok this is long. still no pictures. i will work on it. i just never think to pull my camera out and when i do i don't want to be the annoying person that always wants to take pictures.... :] but i will get some this week.

and as my baby brother likes to say when saying i love you "i love you seven" (as in, i love you, i love you two, i love you one, i love you seven...duh)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

For Mom :]

SO...this post is mostly for my mom because i promised i would post pictures of where i am living here in laie, hawaii. rest assured mother....i'm on an actual bed (bunk bed really) and i have a nice bed padding that is actually so soft that sometimes i wake up with a back ache :] not a bad thing. so here are some pictures. they aren't really exciting or anything, but this is the house where i sleep and shower. ha most of the time i'm not here. but thats ok :]

this picture really has nothing to do with this post but its my aunt valle and she is cute and crazy and fun and this was at a family dinner we all had and i figured i should post a picture with actual humans in it.

so this is the front of the house from the sidewalk. from where i'm standing while taking this picture, if you look to the right about 300 ft is the ocean and behind me is the pcc and byu hawaii campus (i can hear the singing and drums from the pcc at night)

this is the front room right when you walk in the front door.

from the front room pictured above you turn left and you see this little dining room/computer nook area.

then in the dining area you look left and you see the kitchen.

haha this is in the ceiling of my bathroom and i thought it was ironic that i get to see this every day and be reminded of one of my favorite families :]
oh and the bathroom is just your basic bathroom, except the shower is totally jimmy rigged so really i'm showering beneath a heavy duty sprinkler head. its awesome (and has realllllly good water pressure)
this is my room. i'm on the bottom bunk. uhhh sorry there is stuff on it. its a simple little cute room and its perfect.

the closet area. lots of clothes and shoes :]

I've decided that chris and i need to take more pictures...we really are doing fun things here i just don't have pictures to document.
Some things i have observed/experienced in my first few days here in hawaii:
1. i am SO not a fan of humidity. not only does it make your hair do weird things it makes it hotter than hades when you are trying to get ready. seriously my face has totally broken out this week and i'm not ok with that. dear face, please acclimate to this weather quickly so i no longer look like a 12 year old going through puberty. thanks, jess
2. gecko's make this clicking sound and even though gecko's are our friends here because they eat all the little bugs, its kinda a disconcerning feeling hearing that clicking sound and not knowing where its coming from :] like when i'm laying in my bed or showering in the bathroom. just sayin...
3. yesterday chris and i went to turtle bay and i loved it. we went to the swimming pool (ummm he has the code to get we used it) and it was awesome. and so refreshing. then we ate lunch RIGHT on the beach (for free thanks to chris's awesome roommate david for hooking us up) and while chris golfed 9 holes i went and layed out. it was perfect.
4. i LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOVE acai bowls. seriously. they are pure heaven and chris and i have eaten one the past two days, and i might beg him to get another one today. they are that good. and it doesn't help that they are literally across the street from chris's house. they will be my monetary downfall and i'm pretty sure it will get to the point where i will no longer be willing to split one with the boy. body has totally not adjusted to the time difference yet, so by 10 at night my eyes BURN they are so droopy, but i force them awake because really, what 22 year old in hawaii goes to bed at 10. oh wait. i do. ha.
6. i LOVE it here. i'm so close to everything (the pcc, campus, the grocery store, the beach). i don't have to get a car and i just discovered today that there are 2 ooooold beach cruisers at my house that i'm assuming we have free reign on. sweet.
7. i start orientation and training today and tomorrow for my new job at the PCC (polynesian cultural center). SO excited to have a job (and to have gotten it on the 2nd day i was here!!!). yes i have to wear a cheesy aloha shirt, but i'm ok with that, because i have a job!! yeah!
8. i miss my family and want them to come visit because this place is so fun!!
thats all for now. i know this post was ridiculously long. SORRY. but rest assured mom...i'm alive and doing well out here and my bed isn't just a mattress on the floor :]

Thursday, May 20, 2010

updates....long overdue!

well...where to begin. i'm not really good at blogging, but again, i'm not really sure that anyone even reads this SO it doesn't really matter. but either way. here is an update (we'll start with bullet points to make it easier):

-i finished student teaching the end of march and am so glad that i am done and have that under my belt. relief!

-my best friend britt came out to help me move back to california and we had a ton of fun. we went to the hoover dam (verrrry cool) and of course went and saw john mayer. swoon. love him. and he even managed to play a little bit of journey. my favorite!

-i came back to california and spent two weeks patiently waiting (and freaking out) to go to hawaii to visit the boy (or mr. hawaii as my mom refers to him)

-sooooo the second week in april i went to oahu and visited the boy and it was AWESOME. so much fun and such a relaxing sun (with a lot of rain too) filled 10 days. pictures below.

me and the boy :]

hanging out at the sweeeeet beach house that i got to stay in. seriously SO
thankful to the couple that trusted me to stay in their beautiful hawaiian dream home!
(i wish i could live in their guest house)
this below is where i stayed. its the guest house thats right off the main house pretty much. its AWESOME. SOOO nice inside. its in haliewa and is seriously perfect.

this is the view from the back porch of the guest house. the main house is to the left and yes...the beach is just beyond those plants. literally a 100 foot walk from the house. AWESOME.

and of course one of the views from the backyard. amazing. i seriously fell in love with this place.

-hawaii was so fun and it was so fun to get to spend time with chris. he had to work a few days while i was there, so i begrudgingly went to the beach and layed out for hours while he was gone :] rough life.
-it rained a lot so we didn't get to do a lot of the touristy stuff, but it was fine because he is pretty much local anyways and so it was nice to have somewhere to just kind of hang out and chill. we did see some fun movies and went out to eat probably too much. i have literally been craving an acai bowl since i got home! ahhhh
-annnd the big news....i'm moving to hawaii this monday may 24th. kinda crazy and spontaneous but i'm so excited (and nervous and scared) buuut i really think its going to be such a fun adventure and i'm really looking forward to it. everything has just fallen right into place so i know that this is what i need to be doing
-my roommate colleen from idaho is joining me for the summer months in hawaii and i'm SO excited that i'm going to have one of my best friends and most favorite roommates out there with me. its making the whole thing a little less scary :]
-below are some more pictures of my adventures of home. i've been home for about a month now and its been awesome. i love the babies and am getting sad to leave my family but im excited to go to hawaii (its been a dream of mine since i was younger, seriously) and im excited to finally get to be with chris, in the same place. ha.

so thats kind all that is going on with me. big exciting changes. now if i could only figure out how to pack all that i need to into two bags. seriously? its a daunting task and we'll see how i do.
jordyn and i goofing off in the kitchen. this girl loves her some diet coke.
she's been trained well :]

girls day in san fran. so fun.
at pier 39

the traditional picture plus deanna.
my sister and i have taken this same picture for the past 7 or so years.
san francisco tradition :]

the crazy street performers are definitely a san francisco classic.
here is the robot guy. it was kinda scary getting a picture with him but he was nice enough...for a dollar!

and we ventured out to find the full house houses! this isn't the actual full house "house" but these are the painted ladies that they show in the opening credits for the show. pretty cool

-one more update. i got my official diploma in the mail and really it made graduating that much more real to me. it was almost cooler than walking across the stage (is that bad or weird to say?) it just made it official. such a cool feeling
thats all for now. i'm going to try to be better about updating this thing because its a good way to keep people (whoever it is that even reads this) updated. :] until next time.