Friday, November 18, 2011


Last night i tried a new recipe and after devouring our plates (i mean...eating like civilized adults) Chris looked at me and declared it "one of his top five favorites", or something like that....its that good!

I shared a picture of it via instagram and had a request to put it here on the blog. you'll thank me later!!

HERE is the recipe. I'm a lover of pretty much every tin foil dinner I have ever had. This did NOT dissapoint. If you try it, let me know if you liked it, or added or subtracted anything...

Oh and the best took me about fifteen minutes to prepare (thawed chicken while cooking bacon, then assembled) and took about 35 minutes in the oven.

NOTE. Chris hates ranch. This recipe calls for the use of some ranch, so i just omitted that part, added a little salt and pepper, and it still had a ton of flavor (and truthfully, even though i like ranch, i don't think i'll use it in this recipe). Also, I didn't follow exact measurements when it came to putting stuff in the foil (helllllooooo bacon...yum) and it was still so delicious!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Life 'n Stuff

We have been BUSY! Is it just me or has this year literally FLOWN by?! I can't belive Thanksgiving is just over a week away and that Christmas will soon be upon us!

Some updates:
-I started a new job at a real estate office. It's a good learning experience and I'm really grateful to have a job with consistent hours and pay (40 hours a week)
-Real estate is a foreign language. its been quite the adjustment trying to figure out all the lingo and abreviations...and i thought our church acronyms were bad! ha!
-i don't love it, but thats ok because i'm learning something new and yada yada :]
-i celebrated turning 24 the beginning of this month

-Chris just started an AIT (administrator in training) program at a nursing home facility with a good family friend of ours (who happens to be a MAJOR big wig in the CA association of nursing homes ie President of the entire thing) SO he is learning the ropes at a really awesome facility from a really smart and connected person.
-he works double duty pretty much every day with no days off (still working at the olive garden serving AND now working the ait job....)he is working really hard and i'm really grateful for that, even though we sometimes don't cross paths until about 10 at night....right in time to go to bed and start the whole process over the next day!!
-he is loving all the football on tv when he gets a chance to sit down and watch it (and i'm a little bit thankful that there is ONLY football to compete with this year instead of football AND basketball :])

Now some pictures....

We celebrated my bithday at a yummy little mexican restaurant in downtown sac. It was delicious and they even brought me a yummy dessert with a sparkler on it and sang to me in spanish. so fun!

I got spoiled with a pretty new white iphone! I was soooo excited. I've had a stupid old phone for a loooong time now and was definitely do for an upgrade (lets just say the old phone would randomly turn off mid text, mid call, mid was NOT awesome)

We celebrated 11:11 in style. This is chris's work celebration at the nursing home. they stay classy with 11:11 twix bars and sprite shots!

I even captured the moment on my phone and got a cute text from the hubs!

As I was going through my iPod touch to see what I wanted to carry over to my phone, i came across these pictures that we used for our wedding video! us as littles! maybe our future littles will have deliciously chubby cheeks and big puppy dog eyes?! here's to hoping :]

And lastly...happy 10 months of marriage! Seems SOOOO crazy that we are already at 10 months. I still feel like we just got married! and that we just moved back to the mainland from our newlywed tropical island bliss!

also...if you don't have the instagram app yet...get it!