Thursday, June 23, 2011


I don't have pictures but life has been busy! in the past few weeks we have...

.both gotten jobs. i'm teaching babies gymnastics and chris is serving at olive garden until he starts a full time administrative training program in octoberish.

.moved into our own apartment. it sorta felt like signing our lives away (maybe thats just me) but we have been there a week and its been really nice. i especially loved unpacking all our of awesome wedding gifts! i'll get some pictures up when its actually decorated a little bit

.went grocery shopping to stock up our fridge/apartment and were AMAZED that we could spend 100 dollars and get thank you winco for not being expensive like hawaii :]

.spent a lot of time at the pool. esp since our ac wasn't working. and it has been 100 degrees these past few days! boo

.went and saw the broadway production of Mary Poppins with the fam. it was verrrry good.

.started summer off right with bbq's and some jetski sessions.

so far so good.

Friday, June 10, 2011


As I've mentioned before a few posts back, i'm not one to be super involved in politics. You've heard the saying ignorance is bliss right? well...while i think it important to NOT be ignorant, I DO understand a little here and there about what is taking place in society right now, and like most people, I do have SOME feelings about them. Normally, I keep them to myself because I mostly get really bugged when people go on and on and ON about their political standings. That doesn't mean though, that I don't have some thoughts about whats taking place with the government, our current President, or about some candidates for the 2012 election, mainly candidate Mitt Romney....the "MORMON"!!!

Most people know that I'm just that...Mormon, or a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So its no question that I'm interested in what is being said about Mitt Romney, the "Mormon Presiential Candidate".

I was reading a friends blog and she posted some really interesting articles about this topic that i felt i would share. So if you will allow me, my soapbox...

This first article is by a man named Warren Cole, a person of evangelical beliefs. You can find this article here. Essentially he says why HE believes that voting for a Mormon would be a bad idea and lists reasons such as

."The boat of Mormonism is not tied to the anchor of either historical Christianity or even commonly accepted historical facts. Because the boat of Mormonism has been cut loose from that anchor, and is adrift in a sea of philosophies and ideas, any similarity between Christian and Mormon is historically temporary and not a reliable gauge of how Romney will govern."

.“Because Mormons believe in continuing revelation, it is possible that in the future the LDS church will renounce its heretical beliefs and come fully into the fold of orthodox Christianity. Many theologians and church historians believe the church is on such a trajectory. But if that happens, it is an event still well in the future. The Mormon Church of today is, by the lights of biblical evangelical Christianity, a false religion. If Mitt Romney believes what the Mormon Church teaches about the world and how it operates, then he is unfit to serve. We make him our President at great peril to the intellectual and spiritual health of our nation."

To this i say "WOW!!!"

To quote my friend, whose blog i was reading, "i've heard of Mormons as being 'different' but never dangerous". We believe in Christ, his gospel, his teachings, his life, and his do many other Christian faiths. To say that we are not "anchored" to "historical Christianity" clearly proves that this man doesn't really know or understand our beliefs.

As for continued revelation. Yes, we believe that we have Prophets and Apostles, like Christ had, on earth today that receive inspiration to direct and lead us in these days. We also believe in prayer, a form of personal revelation, where anyone and EVERYONE is invited to take their questions, trials, needs, desires, to the Lord and receive personal guidance, courage, renewel, and strength. Just because we believe in continued revelation does NOT mean that one day we are going to DENOUNCE our beliefs. Yes polygamy use to be a part of our religion. Yes, through continued revelation it was removed from our practices. Our world changes, therefore it is of upmost importance to HAVE continued revelation to help us through the scary changes we face. As a NON MORMON example...was it not once said that smoking during pregnancy would have no negative impacts on the unborn child? was that belief not later CHANGED and later concluded that smoking during pregnancy most DEFINITELY has negative impacts? kinda the same thing as continued revelation...aren't we glad that doctors came forward and warned us of those impacts? I know i am grateful for prophets who act as the doctors do and guide and lead us in the right direction.

There is another article, this one by Michael Otterson, the LDS church's Public Affairs representative. He addressed Warren Cole's article HERE.

One highlight that i really like from his article

"I admit, I’m struggling just a tad with your logic that the very fact of being a Mormon disqualifies a person from high public office. That would be news to Senator Orrin Hatch, who has served his country and constituents for 34 years. And to Senator Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader – one of the most powerful positions in government."

“It would also be news to former Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt, who as a member of President George W. Bush’s cabinet ran a department that accounts for almost a quarter of all federal outlays. Or to Larry Echo Hawk, who heads the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior, in the present administration. And, of course, to the dozen-or-so other currently serving senators and congressmen who are also Latter-day Saints, as well as the thousands of non-Mormon voters who recognized their merits and helped elect them to office. If there is anything “demonstrable” it’s that Mormons have been serving most capably in national government for over a century."

Feel free to read his article. Again, it can be found HERE

and lastly...another article HERE found on newsweek that outlines some of our beliefs and discusses the presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and other Mormon politicians.

some of my favorite highlights:

."In late 2007 Romney traveled to Texas A&M to soothe evangelicals with a speech that downplayed the distinctiveness of Mormonism. “It’s important to recognize that while differences in theology exist between the churches in America,” he said, “we share a common creed of moral convictions.” Since then, Romney has rarely commented on the subject."

."Those inclined to think of Mormons as a band of zealots bent on amending the Constitution to outlaw cappuccino may never be convinced. But the rest of us might benefit from hearing the country’s most prominent and influential Mormons tell the truth about their faith: that the distinctiveness of the Mormons is actually the secret of their success."

."The result is an organization that resembles a sanctified multinational corporation—the General Electric of American religion, with global ambitions and an estimated net worth of $30 billion. The church runs and finances one of the largest private universities in the country (Brigham Young University). Many members serve two-year missions abroad for the church, acquiring fluency in foreign languages (and foreign cultures) along the way. (Mitt Romney learned French on his mission to France, while Jon Huntsman picked up Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan.) More than many other faiths, the Mormon church prepares its members to engage intelligently with the broader culture and the wider world."

."Romney and Huntsman are typical of what happens when prominent members of the church spend time “in environments where Mormonism is simply not a part of the everyday equation.” They blend in.

."After losing to Janet Napolitano in 2002, partly because of that independent polygamy ad, Salmon, a former congressman, retreated from public life for a while. “They put signs up beneath my signs saying ‘Don’t Vote Mormon,’?” he recalls. “If you did that with any other religion, you’d be crucified.”" (isn't THAT the truth!!)

."“Our Mormonism is fundamental to who we are, whether in business, politics, or our daily activities,”.

I believe in continued revelation. I believe in personal prayer and in my Savior Jesus Christ, just like many of my Christian friends. I believe in a code of high moral standards, that to this day have not failed me or led me astray. I belive that "our Mormonism is fundamental to who we are". My beliefs have shaped me, guided me, taken me places I would not have been able to arrive at alone, have given me some of the closest friends and acquaintances in my life, given me an eternal family and marriage, and essentially made and continue to make me who I am today.

If you are ever confused as to what Mormons believe, just ask one. They will be most willing to share their beliefs, or lead you to someone who can. or go HERE

Thanks for letting my stand on my political soapbox. sorry this was long.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Right now I'm missing Hawaii and the friends we had there! It's funny how we were so anxious to "start life" an get "settled on the mainland". Now I would gladly take our little studio shack, hour long drives to Wal mart, and pretty north shore beaches over "starting life and getting settled".

Funny how that happens huh?!

Maybe my family was watching lilo and stitch and maybe aloha oie started playing and MAYBE I teared up...maybe.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

gettin crafty!

So. As i mentioned in the previous post...i've been dying to get my hands on every DIY project out there (thanks Only problem is...i don't know how to sew. like at all. i missed that whole "lets be crafy" bug when i was younger. I was WAY too wrapped up in my swimming and sports life. SO that lends a little bitty problem when most of the projects i want to complete involve sewing! ugh.

So today. i went through my saved pinterest diy projects and found one that i knew i could do....but with a twist. the original idea can be found here i just tweaked it to suit the colors i wanted and the state of my choice and voila!

I especially love it because i've been looking for something little, but cute, that could be a representation of our time in hawaii. Because it is the place where we met, fell in love, got engaged, and shared our first few months of marriage together, it will always be a special place to us. It really became our home. I loved the outcome! It was so so easy, cost all of $6, and took about an hour to finish. LOVE it (those are the colors i want to use in our bedroom...charcoal, deep yellow, and white)

I also made these cute little headbands the other day using THIS tutorial! it was suprisingly easy and i think the headbands turned out really cute for never having done something like them before.