Sunday, November 14, 2010

sunday blues

ok so i don't really have the sunday blues buuuut it IS doing a lot of this outside...

which makes me think of this...

Chris is here working (like he does every day) and i miss him (cheesy. i know.).

SO to keep myself occupied (besides using google image to make this blog) i started our wedding registry at target. talk about over.whelmed. HOLY. seriously there is SO much to look through that i quit after about 10 minutes because i didn't even know where to start.

also doubly whammy. i misssssss target SO so bad. i go to target weekly. yes weekly when i am home. its an hour away here (which is probably good for my already dwindling bank account) but seriously. i miss it.

also i have been watching waaaay too much of this show and staying up waaaay to late because of it. it's addicting. judge me. i don't care. chris totally already does. its fine.

and because i only have one more episode to catch up on, i decided to blog and am currently listening to this cd. if you don't have it...GET IT. such a good christmas cd (kinda like the nsync christmas cd that i've had since middle school that i still look forward to listening to every year).

and i really really wouldn't mind curling up on the couch with a blanket and watching this movie with the babes back home. because lets face it. hawaii does NOT feel like christmas at all and back home it does. and i'm sure in the coming weeks this will be watched multiple times at home.

speaking of....i miss these people. a lot.

happy sunday :]

Monday, November 8, 2010

it doesn't get cuter...

than these little loves that i call my brother and sister. seriously how cute are these kids?!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


yesterday i got on of these for my birthday (the new its AWESOME)

as i was looking up my facebook on said gadget i noticed that it said i had some 16 messages in my inbox. so in an attempt to not get annoyed by the little red 16 appearing everytime i open facebook on my itouch i decided that i would go through and delete the annoying group messages that people send from time to time. while doing this, i found a real treat...a message between chris and i from over a year ago and i haven't stopped smiling since i read it.

dated October 14, 2009 at 12:35 am he wrote me something like this (i'm only pulling parts of it):

"just wanted you to know i have enjoyed talking to you recently....i like you a lot. you are the coolest prettiest person i know."

notice the date. almost exactly (to the day...october 15th) one year later we got engaged. i should probably document stuff like this in a journal. it just made me really happy and really grateful and really in love with him even more.

january 15th please hurry!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

i will own this....

meet the "hobo lauren double frame clutch" wallet. i will own it. maybe not in either of these colors, but alas. it will be mine.

how functional and awesome is this wallet?!? i swoon. if only it weren't $100. deeeepressing.

now back to finishing chris's religion homework. yeah...i must love him or something :]