Friday, June 25, 2010

Night Show

So my good family friends from home, ben and kaci, are in town for the week and headed up to good ol laie for the day today. my awesome roommate has friends that work in the actual pcc part of the polynesian cultural center (yes i work there...but not technically under the pcc name...its confusing...) sooo said friend got ben and kaci a sweet discount on tickets to the center. they spent the day going to the different "villages" or islands in the pcc and chris, colleen, and i met up with them after dinner to go the night show. if you are ever in hawaii, on the island of oahu, come to the PCC and make sure you go to the night show. its way good and i loved it and you will love it too. and its in the past 6 months, so if you haven't been recently you are in for a treat.
here are some pictures for your eyes to feast on...
a little pre-show picture taking...i'm red. i spent 2 hours at the beach today...but hopefully you all just think its tan...and not red?
he's cute. i like him a lot.
the "couples" also...chris and i are not touching. we do like each other i promise
this next picture is of one of the nasty cockroaches that dwell here in paradise. i hate them.

and the only reason i took a picture of this guy is so i had proof that they are just as nasty as i make them out to be. luckily for us...we killed this one. he was hanging out on the wall and about 10 minutes later was scurrying across the floor towards the bedrooms. NOT ok. it took us a good 5 minutes with a long broom, a boys shoe (we couldn't use our own...guts...hello!), and a lot of shrieking...but we finally got him dead and smooshed on the tile. just the way i like them. dead. but seriously they are NASTY! and i will scream, gasp, and shriek every time i see one. sorry...but not really.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

pictures for mom

so i know i'm not in this first picture but its off my dad and my baby sister jordyn and i just think it is so cute!! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! i know thats late in terms of blogging BUT i did call him on father's day. i sure miss my dad a lot and wish that i could be home for summer boating and bbq's! you are definitely missed dad!! thanks for all you do! love you forever

besides that....nothing really new/exciting has happened since my last post. I've successfully gone to the beach every single day this past week not counting sunday and i love it. i love being able to wak five minutes and be across the street at the beach. i love laying out even if its only for a short amount of time. it never gets old. also...why is being tan an addiction? i swear the darker you get the more tan you want to be. AHHHH. yes mom...i'm wearing sunscreen!

Colleen's birthday was last week and we had a lot of fun. we woke up and i made crepes with lots of fresh yummy fruits and then we headed over to pounders beach to do some body surfing and boogie boarding. i opted out of both and instead just swam around in the water. when they say pounders...they mean pounders. not so much a fan of getting pounded into the sand as the wave breaks right on the shore. no thanks :] then we went over to the aloha center on campus and watched the nba finals. too bad the celtics lost. i hate the lakers. they are nasty and i'm not thrilled they won.

after the game we went to waimea bay down the north shore towards haleiwa town (probably my most favorite little town thus far) and watched the sunset. it was beautiful and was one of those moments that made me appreciate being able to live in such a beautiful place. like seriously...i live in hawaii....this is crazy!! here is some proof of how awesome the sunset was. also that boat is in the bay most days and i love it!

me and the birthday girl...this was one of the semi good pictures we got. i have to be sneaky...colleen thinks its a funny little game to go through my computer and camera and delete the pictures she doesn't like. uhhh NOT COOL!

after the sunset we went to haleiwa eats and got delicious thai food. it was an all around great night with great people! happy 20th birthday colleen. i'm so glad you are here with me!!

other thoughts:

-chris and i watched the bachelorette tonight and that kasey is crazy!! a tatoo on your arm about shielding ali's heart and you think you aren't going to get kicked off? nice try.

-the show that comes on after the bachelorette is pretty funny. its called "true beauty" or something like that and its sort of ridiculous but chris and i (probably mostly i) love it. its a show about inner beauty but all the contestants think its about outter beauty and becoming the "face of vegas"and there are secret challenges to test their character and its funny. they are all shallow and sort of get pissed when they find out the real meaning of the show as they get kicked off. hilarious.

-i got more hours at work this week. woohooo. downside...they aren't in the store i was hired to work in. oh well i guess. work is work. i realllllly need to get on the teaching thing.

-i found out my family is going to montana is august for a family vacation/little family reunion and i'm sad that i can't be there. i was the one who said we should all go to montana and be up there for the fair and the rodeo and now i don't even get to go.

-i need some retail therapy. its not like i even have money to burn a hole in my pocket but regardless i need to go shopping. i haven't been in weeks and a new shirt or new pair of shoes would be amazing right about now. its just nice every now and then to get something new to make you feel good about yourself.

-i want to get my hair done SOOOO bad but because i have no money (ok not entirely true, i just feel bad spending it on something so silly as getting my hair done) that i'm putting it off....but i really want to get my highlights spruced up. ugh. curse being poor.

-i can NOT eat popcorn. without fail every single time i eat it i get the worst stomach aches! two nights in a row i've had popcorn and both nights i have had such a bad stomach ache. stupid. especially because colleen makes AWESOME jalepeno popcorn. sad.

thats all for now i guess. just wanted to post some pictures that i promised my mom i would post. also. i need to take more pictures. i had to scramble to come up with the ones i did. i just hate being the annoying person that always takes out the camera. guess i need to work on it. especially since i don't have very many of chris and i. thats all.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


this is where chris and i spent our afternoon today.....

living in paradise does have its perks :] and yes the water was that color, if not prettier... jealous yet?

in oher news

-i have decided its much easier to spend a day at the beach instead of job thats what i do. day.

-i have also decided that i am going to be a teacher. whaaaat?? pretty much everyone that spoke to me after student teaching would say that i swore off teaching. well i'm kinda excited about it again...maybe its because i have forgotten how sucky 12 year olds can be OR i've realized that every education major i've talked to in the last month or so has said they HATED student teaching but LOVE being a teacher. also...i can make $160 a day as a SUB! maybe thats my main motive...but whatever it is...its getting me back in to teaching.

-junk food is gooooood and i need to stop eating it. but seriously if its not one thing its the the melona bar (like a honeydew popcycle heaven in your mouth), and molasada (like a donut but better), and mochi (japanese ice cream with a outter layer of rice flour), and pizza that i had today. seriously? yeah seriously. that needs to stop.

-tomorrow is this pretty lady's birthday and she will be 20. and i'm SO excited because we are going to haleiwa eats for dinner. its the most amazing thai food and i loooooooooove it. pineapple fried rice here i come.

-i talked to my mom the other day and she tells me funny things that the kids are saying and doing right now and it makes me miss them soooo much. ry has started saying "oh dear" when something is messy or if someone gets hurt. she also said he woke up the other morning and the first thing he said was "i love mickey mouse". i love that boy. jordyn is starting to talk a ton too and the other day my mom told her to say "hi jessica" (uhhh i don't know why she said jessica instead of jess) and jordyn said my full name and it literally melted my heart. i'm SOO excited to be going home to see them in a few months! please stop growing until then little loves!

Monday, June 14, 2010

and it continues

the job hunt that is. ahhhhh i hate looking for a job. granted, i have one right now at the PCC and its nice to have a job, but working only a few hours a day (like 2) is NOT going to cut it...not in the world of expensive EVERYTHING that abounds on this island.

I feel like this picture represpents my life everyday. i have sent out so many resume's and cover letters and i just want to have a job already. hey people, i'm a really good worker and i'm really reliable. just freaking hire me already. also, how much does it suck that EVERYTHING is on pretty much the opposite end of where i live...because it is. awesome.
Colleen is here! yay! i already mentioned that, but i'm really glad. its nice to have a beach buddy and someone to share a bed with (yes we have been sleeping in the same bed because the room that i'm supposed to sleep in is so messy that it gives me a headache). p.s. it gets freaking HOT in this place. i wake up multiple times during the night because its so bloody hot and i'm so uncomfortable. if you have ac, count your blessings :]

speaking of colleen. the other day we went down to waimea bay (probably my most favorite beach along the north shore) and we saw DOLPHINS! not only did we see them we swam with them, in the wild and it was AWESOME! seriously one of the coolest experiences of my life. we saw them out there quite a ways and we had been told previously that if you go under water you can hear them talking to each other. soooo colleen took off to go explore and shortly after i swam out to join her. remember how i'm semi afraid of swimming in the ocean? oh yeah. i am but i promise we were out there freaking far! and the fact that the surf is so flat during the summer helps...less scary with no waves!

there were definitely upwards of like 35 dolphins and at one point, while i was swimming out, one swam like 3 feet in front of me. yes i kinda got scared but the adrenaline pushed me to swim further out. they were SOOOOO pretty and graceful. they were spinner dolphins and were totally putting on a show. there were whole pods swimming right underneath us. i wish i could describe how beauitful and amazing they are! and i also wish that i had an underwater camera. note to self: BUY ONE!

other than that...things here in the land of aloha are good. its hot, i go to the beach everyday, i have tried to start running (but normally for short amounts of time due to my face feeling like its literally going to explode because its so hot so early), church has been good, there are lots of SCARY and creepy crawly bugs that i am growing accustomed to (i.e ants EVERYWHERE and nasty nasty cockroaches, and the occasional gecko that are freaking fast and initially scare the crap out of you when you walk into the bathroom).

here are some pretty pictures because i know thats the fun part about looking at a blog.

the pretty sunset on the way to chris's house. yeah. thats just in my neighborhood.
i'm lucky

chris and i eating the famous north shore shave ice at matsumoto's shave ice in haleiwa.

colleen and i at matsumoto's. we also ate at this amazing teriyaki chicken place. mmmm so good.

a pretty sunset in i loooove haleiwa town!

below is the first and probably only video i will post on blogger. it took SO long to upload. its the dolphins at waimea. you can't totally see them all that well but you can see lots of splashes and the occasional spin. pretty cool. also if the video doesn't work. i'm sorry. i tried.

Friday, June 4, 2010

almost the weekend...

and i have to work from 2-8 tonight. i know i know, thats not bad at all, but i just want to keep having fun and not work (and my roommate said that shift tends to drag a little bit). and i kinda feel clueless at my job still (have i mentioned that i hateeee being the new person). and working at the pcc there are so many hard hawaiian names and cultural stuff that i feel completely clueless about that i just feel like an idiot when people come in and ask me questions. oh well i guess. here's to hoping that tonight goes by quickly.

-colleen got here on wednesday and its been SO fun having her here. this summer is going to rock

-i got fried yesterday at turtle bay. curse overcast days and me forgetting to put sunscreen on. the irony of that is i always tell chris to put sunscreen on even when its overcast because those are the days when you get burnt the most. touche i guess.

-i'm going home with chris on september 3-11 and i can.not.wait. its going to be so fun and now i have something to look forward to for the next couple of months :] yesssss!

and a picture for you to lead into the weekend. he is cute...really cute.