Monday, August 23, 2010

hair we go....

soooo after getting increasingly more blond each time i went to the salon...i decided to just go for it. this is the BLONDEST i have EVER been ever and i looooove it. it probably helps that i have a pretty solid tan going on but still. i love love love it. also i hate spelling the word blond. i feel like it needs to have an e at the end but know that is incorrect. stupid.

We go to california in 11 days. ELEVEN days! ahhh so excited. seriously i am like already dreading coming back and i'm not even there yet. i warned chris today that he can expect tears. i just love home so much! we are going to be doing so many fun things with fun people and i cannot wait.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

this and that

-i work a lot. and i'm kinda over it. who thought the day would ever come when i would say i wanted to be back in school. when people say you have the rest of your life to work they aren't kidding. blaaaah

-i'm ready for VACATION. i wish i could just take a vacation to vacation in know...the place where i LIVE. its pathetic. i don't get to do a lot of the fun things that i'm surrounded by because i'm always working.

-i'm going to california is less than a month! CAN.NOOOOOOT.WAIT! hoooooly. much needed and i'm so ready to bbq, boat, jet ski, camp, eat goooood food, shop, get spoiled, play with the babies, be surrounded by people i love, relax, go to san fran etc etc etc. home really is where the heart is.

-recently i've seen lots of pictures of those wave machine things where people can get on them and boogy board or surf. why would you ever do that??? would it not give you the gnarliest wedgie of all time when you try to get off? or do they turn the water off? hmmm

-the black pearl is currently docked in kaneohe bay (where i went boating a few weeks ago) right now. we went and saw it today and its pretty awesome. its HUGE and super detailed in true disney fashion. a few people in my ward have even seen the one mr johnny depp. soo jealous. he's pretty dreamy. and i hear when he meets you he looks right into your eyes. yes please.

-i'm reaaaaaally going to be a sub teacher. reaaaaally i am. ugh still need to get on that.
-ry is OFFICIALLY my baby brother. adoption papers signed and he is legally ours. nooow on to jordyn and our family is complete....for a few months anyways :]

-chris is graduating in april. wooohoooo.

-i'm ready for christmas time. for the smells, the lights, the weather (ha i wish it would get semi cold here, i love winter and fall clothes), the food and the festivities. i will seriously quit any job i have so i can go home for christmas. but seriously
-i have a trace of chris's cologne on my shirt right now and it smells so good. is it weird that i would rather use boys cologne and body wash because they smell soooo much better than girls. because i would.

-these two faces are amongst some of the many that i am looking forward to seeing and i can not wait to get off the escalator at the airport and wrap these little babes in my arms!

-it is now POURING down rain as it does most nights and mornings.
goodnight hawaii. please be sunny tomorrow because i managed to get the better half of my day off of work and i'm really looking forward to getting crispy in the sun all day tomorrow.