Tuesday, September 28, 2010

california....knows how to party!

california was so much fun (it was also a few weeks ago). and while hawaii IS beautiful, i'm sad to be back. nothing beats being HOME with family.

we were there for 1 whole week and while we were there we:

-ate in n out (chris's very first time)
-went camping
-jumped off cliffs (well...i did. not so much his thing)
-ate waaaaay too much yummy camp food
-went jet skiing and boating to our hearts content
-got suuuuun
-did i mention we ate a lot of food?
-went to baseball games
-got rained on
-ate chipotle (heaven in mexican food form)
-visited san francisco...my most favorite city of all time
-went to alcatraz
-devoured sundae's at ghirardelli square
-took LOOOOTS of pictures
-watched lots of movies
-"nuggled" on the couch
-got massages
-played with 2 of the worlds cutest little toddlers (also known as my brother and sister)
-and shed lots and lots of tears (alright this one is just me) when it was time to leave

here are some pictures from our week in heaven...i mean home.

jordyn and chris "nuggling" on the couch

sisters at softball :]

getting drenched at the rivercats game

california...you are missed greatly.
its good to be back in the routine of things here in hawaii though. just some things that have been happening
-i am hopefully starting substitute teaching here in the next couple of weeks. need that money stuff
-chris is GRADUATING in december instead of april. suuuch good news
-we are both working a lot and going to school (not me...i'm done. thank goodness)
-trying to get beach time
-annnd hanging in there
(one day i'll get good at blogging and learn how to make cool picture collages and stuff. until that day... it is what it is. sorry its a long post)