Saturday, April 30, 2011

the newest addition...

meet Lucy. our families (as in my whole families...not just Chris and I's) new baby chihuahua. She has a little bit of terrier in her and she is to die for. so cuddly and sweet and mini. she was an impulse buy (literally...we bought her in the wal mart parking lot) but we couldn't be happier. she fits right in. welcome little lady!

Hawaii to Tennessee...

Our last week in Hawaii was spent playing tourists. My family came out to visit and play with us and we had a lot of fun. Too bad the weather was stormy all but one day...oh well. still had fun.

In Hawaii we...
-celebrated Chris's graduation from BYU-Hawaii!!! way to go babe! such an awesome day!
-enjoyed the dole plantation
-at lots of pineapple
-devoured acai bowls (my faaaaavorite snack in the world! already made one here in ca)
-ate out almost every day!
-went snorkeling
-jumped the rock at waimea
-laid out when there was sun
-visited the PCC and went to the awesome night show
-lounged around at the condo playing on the ipad 2 (soo sweet!)
-said goodbye to lots of awesome friends and people
-packed up our newlywed life and moved back to the mainland. Aloha oe hawaii! you will always have a piece of our hearts!!

The four days we were home before tennessee we had the chance to go the temple to see a family friend get sealed for time and all eternity! it was so awesome to be back in the temple remembering our own wedding 3 months earlier!

We spent four days at home in California before we went out to visit Chris's family in Tennessee. It was my first trip out to Tennessee and it was beautiful. We had a small storm scare the first night we were there but nothing too serious...and no tornados...thank goodness :]

While we were in Tennessee we...
-ate lots of southern food (catfish, not me, yikes!, bbq, potatoes, mac n cheese etc)
-went to Nasvhille
-visited the Grand Ole Opry and Opryland
-slept in every morning
-spent lots of time with family
-met the entier Spann clan (lots of food, lots of people, lots of noise...just like my family!!!)
-were sad to leave but glad we got out when we did, as lots of storms hit the south the day after we left!

this is a fairly typical southern home (larger than some, but same type of style...lots of bricks and columns out front!)

At the Grand Ole Opry. We went to see Josh Turner but didn't realize that he would only be singing two songs! we were bummed but it was still a fun experience...

inside the opryland is HUUUUGE!

Its been a busy/crazy couple of weeks but it feels nice to kinda start settling in and not having to live out of a suitcase. Now the real world begins and we are in the process of figuring out what are plans are. stressful and exciting! Lucky to have awesome family that take such good care of us!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hawaii and stuff...

I wish I knew how to upload photos from my iPod to blogger but I dont. I have lots of fun pictures from our last week in Hawaii like...

-chris's graduation from BYU Hawaii
-dole plantation
-jumping the rock at waimea
-pretty sunsets and more

We are getting sad to leave Hawaii, especially now that we get to enjoy it by playing tourists, but we are excited about getting back to the mainland to see more family and start the job hunt (actually. Not stoked on the last part but maybe if I pretend we are, good fortune will find us???)

Lots of pictures coming soon!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

"Auntie...Can I play with my pet?"

sorry to post another picture of a'll see why in a minute. also...this gecko is in NO way as cute as mine and chris's pet gecko gilbert.

On Thursday I took a sub job at a local (as in its on the north shore, instead of in town) school. It was a cute first grade class that I had taught about 2 weeks previous. The kids are cute, call me auntie (love this), and give me hugs at the end of the day. What's not to love?

After lunch, we came back in and started working on a little cut and paste worksheet, while i read the students a dr. seuss book. A particular little boy (somewhat of a trouble maker) who conveniently sat in the back of the u shaped classroom, was straining to hear and see the pictures. He gathered up his worksheet and color crayons and came and sat on the carpet right next to the chair i was reading from. Feeling like this was ok, I continued reading, because he was very intrigued in the story, and was actually getting his work done.

A few minutes passed, and he quickly and quietly stood up and walked over to where his backpack was stored in his cubby. Intrigued as to what he was doing, i let him retrieve whatever it was he was looking for out of the side pocket of his backpack. He came back to me, something in hand, and asked "Auntie, can I play with my pet?!"

I stopped reading, looked at him and asked "well, what is your pet?"

Then i saw it.... a black, limp, and lifeless GECKO!

Shocked, i quickly replied "ewww, thats gross! where did you get that?!" knowing full well, he retrieved it from his backpack pocket.

He told me where, and proceeded to tell me that his gecko pet was named "Candace". very fitting for a gecko, am i right? haha. I made him put the pet gecko outside, as i felt really bad for the poor little creature and knew that he was probably going to be dead within the next few hours.

Oh the adventures of a teacher....guess i shouldn't have been too suprised right? :]