Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Great Move...

to kentucky....bowling green to be specific. it came as a "shock" (i guess i have to use shock lightly because applications were sent in so its not like i was completely taken by suprise, but still...)and yes i cried. a lot.
To go back in time and explain how this all came to pass, we must start on Friday April 13th. Yes, Friday the 13th. We were living with my parents, entertaining the thought of Chris going to grad school, not totally sure of our next move, truckin along and trying to figure things out. Chris had put in an application to Western Kentucky University for a couple different reasons. He had a connection with a professor at WKU in his chosen major (who ironically moved the first weekend we were here...jokes on us)he didn't have to take the GRE to be considered, out of state tuition was only about $30 more per unit instead of thousands, and it was only an hour away from his entire family in Tennessee. We figured he would get in, but the reality didn't totally set in because it seemed pretty far away. Back to that friday. Chris was at work. We had enjoyed a delicious lunch of in n out with some of my college roommates who were in town earlier that afternoon. I was home babysitting my younger siblings. A pretty uneventful Friday night. Until i found out I was pregnant. and suprised chris after work. Shock. Excitement. Nervousness. Panic. Joy. We were going to have a baby. Less than 24 hours later we found out Chris had been admitted early for grad school at Western and would immediatly be able to register for classes. While i was of course so excited for him, my heart broke. I knew that it was the right move for our future, but it didn't make it any less difficult. (don't even get me started on breaking the news to my parents of moving right after telling them they were going to be first time about heart breaking...) July 5th we started our journey across the country and arrived in the south about a week later. The first of August we made our way up to Bowling Green, stumbled on a great 2 bedroom duplex, and here we are.... The south is definitely a new experience for a girl born and raised in (the great state of) California. Since being here I have: .survived multiple thunder and lightening storms (they are terrifying)
.dealt with humidty. not a fan. .fallen in love with southern white cheese dip .adjusted to thick southern accents .seen lots of amish/mennonites .facetimed with family as much as possible .gotten bigger and bigger as baby girl grows
.and sent Chris off to his first day of grad school
While everything is still so new, and a little bit hard and heart breaking sometimes still, I know that it will be worth it in the end. I figure that this will be a good way to keep my family and friends back home in the loop. Until next time...later y'all.