Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Well here she is...our lovely little piece of paradise...the place we call "home" for about another month (so weird that we are going to be leaving! i'm getting sad to leave this place!)

Here is the overall view of the place. i had to step outside the front door to be able to show it all. nothing special...but its perfect for now!

Here is the kitchen. We are some of the lucky ones that actually get a stove AND oven AND a full fridge and freezer. normally you get a mini fridge, no freezer, no oven, and a hot plate.

Here is our "room" slash "couch". don't mind the comforter....it was chris's from when he first came out here and has been in his family since he was little. its actually the perfect weight to not roast us since its still fairly warm here at night (and also we didn't want to invest money into nice bedding when we are leaving so soon)

Here is the bathroom. this is only part of it. i figured you could do without seeing the toilet :] its actually pretty large minus the shower. the shower is not large and i hate it. shaving my legs takes FOREVER!

And lastly, what would our home be without our gecko friend. Meet Gilbert (who i'm pretty sure is a female at this point). He/She eats all the ants, hides behind our stove most days and occasionally likes to scare me as i don't expect to see her and suddenly, there she is. i think she is very cute and don't mind having her here one bit.

I was going through my camera and found some pictures from our honeymoon. We went to San Francisco for a few days and stayed down on Fisherman's Wharf. It was SO fun. i LOVE San Francisco, and i'm glad Chris does too.

It was a little foggy/rainy the first day or so we were there and because we aren't super familiar with the area, we ended up at the SF Zoo, which turned out to be a really fun activity. Neither of us had been to the zoo in forever, so it was fun to go and see all the animals (even though it was kinda miserable outside AND we didn't get to see the lions!!)

The next day, we decided to take a drive down to Monterey (I wanted to do the aquarium there since its huge and really awesome but plans changed). Once we were there we decided that we wanted to keep on driving and do the famous "17 Mile Drive". If you are ever in the central california, Monterey, or Carmel surroundings... DO 17 Mile drive! its BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Plus you end up at Pebble Beach Golf Course, which i know chris had NO problem with.

one of the look out points. crazy how different ocean scenes can be. this is so different from all the beaches in Hawaii, but still so beautiful.

just one of the HUGE mansion homes that lines 17 Mile Drive. We were in awe the whole time. Some of these houses are AMAZING.

A quick shot of us at the "Lone Cypress", the famous tree that has been there for hundreds of years, and is actually the symbol for Pebble Beach Golf Course.

Next stop was Pebble Beach. I know i'm not golf's biggest fan, but this course truly is beautiful (it also costs 500 to play...uhhh keep dreaming babe!)

and of course, in true pebble beach fashion, they have a huge rolex clock. i'm sure this was pretty inexpensive. ha. right.

The famouse 18th hole. You can actually go down and watch people play on it and get up close and personal. its pretty awesome. I don't know why its so famous, i just know it is. i think because its hard?

Happy Boy :]

This pictuer has nothing to do with the rest of the post BUT how adorable is my baby sister?! she is a doll. i found this when going through pictures and it made my heart melt. Miss home so much!! only 1 month and 19 days until we are back on the mainland.... CRAZY!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

True Love

Is when your husband lets you remove the top sheet from the bed because you hate hate HATE sheets on the bed. Never have. Never will. Thanks husband.

(also, how to die for is this bedding?? i looove yellow!)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1 day 2 posts

and a brain dump

-my neck is killing me. i woke up and it was fine, and then it wasn't. its giving me a headache. boo.

-i went on a verrrry short run this afternoon. i came back looking like a cherry tomato, wondering why people love running. what is the secret? seriously? how does someone go about loving to run? i want to know. because (i think) i want to love it too.

-the neighbors behind us are CONSTANTLY washing something outside. its the weirdest thing. like not kidding. there is usually the sound of running water taking place behind our apartment.
what are you guys washing all the time?!

-i don't know how i'm going to get everything home in 2 months. i have a lot of clothes, and shoes, and stuff. how is that fitting into 2 suitcases?

-fat free ranch is gross. good thing i just bought the regular size container. at least its only 1 point on weight watchers. it tastes like the smell of hay that horses eat.

-i wish "eat less, move your body more" was as easy as it sounds. its not.

-chris has been talking a lot about wanting to move back to tennessee recently. i think i would probably love tennessee, buuuut its far away from california. i think he's pretty serious about it. yikes.

Hawaii & a Face Lift

We are still alive out here in the lands of aloha.... Sadly, this picture of our resident gecko, Gilbert (as named by previous tenants/friends) is all i have to show of our last month back on this sweet tropical island.

Some quick updates:

I have started subbing (have done it a total of 4 times now). My favorite highlight thus far, was a measly (ok, who am i kidding, he's a local boy, he was nothing short of large) freshman boy walking into the classroom, taking one look at me and saying "there's no WAY you're our sub. you look like a student" thank you kind boy for telling me i look like girls your age. NOT. also, friends...i for real hope we were NOT that annoying when we where that age (even though we probably were...i have a new found respect for anyone who works with adolescents)

Right when we got back (like less than 24 hours) Chris and I were both back to work. I worked for a few weeks teaching Chinese kids (who knew very little English) English and then taking them around sight seeing. It was a pretty fun (and tiring) gig and sadly, it only lasted a few weeks. great for that teaching resume.... ha.

Chris works, and works, and works. but thats a good thing. and he golfs when he's not working (or so it seems, he would probably argue otherwise with a quick "when was the last time i golfed" to which the accurate answer would most likely be "a few days ago"...but apparently that is not good enough in his book) but all joking aside, he is a really hard worker and is blessed to have a job that not only pays pretty well (bring home those tips baby!) but that he really enjoys.

I have been writing thank you notes for the wedding. While we are reallllllly grateful for the generosity of everyone we know, thank you notes are a pain in the you know what. not only do they take freakin FOR.EVER. but they cost us like 50 bucks on postage. but i won't complain toooo much because we really are so thankful (and will probably be even more so when we return to the mainland and actually get to use the many awesome gifts we received)

It has been overcast and rainy in paradise for well over a week now. Hey Hawaii....pull it together already. less than two months and we are mainlanders once again, i need to be and plan on, being brown (speaking of...chris has the gnarliest farmers tan on the planet. its baaaad, but i think he is growing a little self conscious of it, so no teasing).

My parents come out in about a month and a half and we plan to eat, beach, golf, beach, eat, and nothing else. i am thrilllllled.

pictures of our love shack/kennel/blink and ya miss it apartment coming soon.... :]

(and the facelift was referring to the blog design....not awesome, but will do for now...)