Friday, October 29, 2010

birthday wish list

and yes chipotle is on there because i miss it a lot and it is delicious and there is no good mexican on this hawaiian island and i pretty much dream of eating there daily :[
but mostly i just want the itouch.....

Thursday, October 28, 2010

"I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad..."

fact: my car got a flat tire today as chris was driving home

fact: i haven't seen him all day because he has been trying to get home from turtle bay while solving the problem.

fact: i hate car problems. and fixing the alignment on my car (which prob caused the flat tire) is going to be expensive. oh joy.

fact: its my day off and i have done nothing productive (except i did email byui about teacher cert stuff...thats kinda productive)

fact: the weather has been craaaaazy all day/week. like pouring down rain, sunny, cloudy, rainy, pouring, windy, sunny, cloudy. all day. and i didn't have a car so that was my excuse to not be productive....or to leave the house. except for when i went out and sat on the sidewalk when it was nice outside...and to kinda sulk a little.

fact: taylor swifts new cd is goooood. go buy it. go buy it NOW! (and maybe i cried a little at the end of the song "never grow up")

fact: we were supposed to take engagement pictures today but didn't because of the car. booo. but just to spite the car i'm still going to wear the outfit i was going to wear for pictures anyways.

fact: i hate fake nails. they hurt and are annoying.

fact: "i wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad"

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


maybe pretty pictures will get rid of the stress?

I decided to tell myself i wasn't really stressed out. I did a little assessment in my mind of all the things i have going on/need to focus on before i fell asleep and decided that telling myself i wasn't stressed was a big fat lie.
there is a lot going on over here in hawaii for things that are happening on the mainland. ahhh

current stressers consist of

-wedding stuff. i just wish i could be home to help with planning and not have to rely on emails of pictures and links to know what is going to be incorporated into my wedding. at the same time, i'm already going to be away from chris for a month in december until the wedding. i can't win with this situation.

-sub teaching. why do you suck and i haven't even subbed one class? i put in my sub packet information over a month ago and they had a miscommunication and told me i didn't need to have proof of a teaching credential and that my degree would be enough. lies. SO now, in order to sub i need to get my teaching certificate (which is fine, but i have to figure out what all is necessary for the application) and not being in idaho, or california where all my papers are, is quite stressful.

-work. i just don't love it. I work a lot of hours for little pay and i'm over it. not a fan of working at a gift shop as i did invest a lot of time and hard work into earning a college degree. its despressing. i should be thankful i have a job though. but still.

-chris graduating. i know this isn't really my thing BUT you better believe its my job to help him. which is fine, and i don't mind, there is just a lot to get done and do before december rolls around. our time together now consists of eating something and doing hw or falling asleep being we are both so wiped.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


i know this is a really cheesy post but i can't help it. i love chris. he is so cute and funny and charming and i am always happy when i am with him. its so awesome to finally be so comfortable with someone. he makes me happy and i'm so excited that i get to marry my best friend.


thanks for letting me be cheesy :]

Thursday, October 21, 2010


So a friend of mine asked how the whole proposal went down and was hoping that i had a blog post going through all the details. i'm just now getting around to it but here is how the proposal all went down... and a note...this is LONG. sorry. :] enjoy...

Chris and i had been looking at a specific ring for a while. We knew the company we were going to order it from and while we would continually pull up the ring to look at it and admire how pretty it was, we noticed that all engagement rings were on sale for 20% off for about a 2 week period. Now i'm not good at math, but i knew that 20% off of a purchase as big as an engagement ring meant a couple hundred dollars savings. YES PLEASE! so in these 2 weeks i probably nagged chris daily and hinted with small (or maybe not so small) reminders. "You have 6 more days to get the ring. 3 more. 2. you have to get it today" "if you don't buy it, its your own money your losing". you know. being really nice about all of it ha..haha. ha. I'm sure he was more than annoyed with me.

The deal with the ring ended last tuesday (a mere 3 days before we actually got engaged). So thinking that he had waited until the last minute to purchase the ring, i was in NO way suspecting that a proposal would be coming soon. Friday I had an appointment on the other side of the island and it kinda just turned into a long morning. Chris had classes that afternoon and i had work at 4:30. sidenote: Chris just got full time at work. So between full time student, full time work, and me working full time as well, our time together pretty much consists of an hour or so in the morning and an hour or two at night before we fall asleep at like 10.
All afternoon i had noticed chris talking about engagement things. like "what if your dad says no when i talk to him" " what if he hangs up on me", blah blah blah. I kept wondering why he was bringing it up so often but tried to not think anything of it. He had mentioned to me in a break between classes that we should go see a movie or something that night. go to dinner at Haleiwa Joes (which so happens to be where we had our first "date") and go see the facebook movie. I made a rule months ago that when we got engaged i had to look cute. meaning i could NOT be wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt. That day he had mentioned something about my outfit, again another clue.

Shortly after i dropped him off for his last block of classes, and as i was preparing to get ready for work, i got a text saying that I should call in sick to work. NOW this is where it gets tricky. i hate calling in sick. I always feel bad and like i'm unconvincing. I hadn't been feeling awesome that day, so calling in sick wouldn't be a total lie and he was being pretty persistant about me getting work off. SO i called my mom thinking maybe she knew something, anything. I told her that i wanted to get out of my obligations but i didn't know what i should do. I also told her that i had a feeling that a ring could be on my finger by the end of the night but that i didn't want to get my hopes up. she gave all the motherly advice that is necessary in moments like this (being responsible and stuff) but ultimately i went with chris. DUH.

SO 5:00 rolled around and as i walked to the car i noticed that he was dressed rather nicely. nice pair of jeans, nice button up shirt. nice casual. not the usual jeans and a t-shirt. The whole car ride i could kinda feel a semi tension between us and he was being really quiet (but he's always pretty serious when he drives so again i pushed it out of my mind). I text my friend kelsey and told her what was going on and she instantly said, its happening tonight, i want a picture of the ring when you have it. ha. i kept convincing myself it wasn't going to happen, because honestly, how sucky would it be to think that its coming and then get NOTHING.
North Shore was sooo pretty that night. It had just dumped a ton of rain moments before and the sun had decided to peak her head before sunset. There were TONS of people out on the water still. the waves were perfect and it was all so pretty.

Chris used to live in a houes right before haleiwa right on the beach. its a beautiful house and while i came to visit him in april i had the priviledge of staying there. As we were driving to dinner at haleiwa joes, chris quickly pulled off right in front of the house and said that he wanted to go take pictures down on the beach because it was so pretty and we looked good. haha, should have been my first clue.

As we got down the beach, we started taking pictures and chris started mentioning how sand was going to get all over our feet. i mentioned that there was a shower we could use to rinse our feet off and it wouldn't be a big deal. As i turned to take a picture of the sky, chris bent down to "fix his pants", or so i thought. As i turned i saw him down on one knee, ring in hand asking me to marry him. I think before i said yes i asked "is this for real" and then gave my answer. As he went to put the ring on my finger i was totally shaking. Obviously i was totally shocked and thinking when did he get the ring, talk to my dad, when did it get here etc etc.

We stayed on the beach a little longer and then headed to dinner because we were both starving. It was the perfect propsal. barefoot on the beach on the north shore of hawaii :]

and ps i LOOOOOVE my ring. and him. The wedding is set for January 15th, 2011 in Sacramento, California! can't wait