Saturday, August 27, 2011

(yes this is my husband waiting like a little boy for the cable guy...he heard the beaping of the truck backing up and immediatly went to the window)

Dear McDonalds,
Thank you for having such yummy diet coke. and for making it so cheap. most days (i mean....i don't get it daily...whoops) i can pay for it in straight change. i love that. also. you have the perfect mix of syrup and carbonation...not to mention your straws. ya done good mcdonalds.

Dear Summer,
I love your sunshine, but now i'm ready for colder weather. i want hoodies, and sweatshirts, and most of all, i really just want to wear my really cute new brown boots. HURRY UP and let fall roll in.

Dear $20 desk I bought,
make yourself cute. you have a lot of character and I bought you with the best of intentions to get you finished quickly and well...ya know. i haven't. but i really want to. i just can't decide on how exactly i want you to look, and then you are just left sitting there. i promise i will try not to neglect you anymore (but maybe you could just sand yourself? is that too much to ask? it is. fine.)

Dear Q Tips,
I love you. I don't know when I started needing you after every shower, but i'm really glad you exist because my ears get SOOOO itchy and drive me crazy if I don't get extra water out. thank you times one million.

Dear Running shoes,
why do you already have a hole in the left toe? i haven't even had you six months and you are starting to get holey (and lets be honest, its not like i'm some crazy fitness worker outer). bummer. its ok though because you are the most comfortable "work out" shoes that i've ever owned. you keep my shins from aching after running and for that, i love you.

Dear cable guy,
Thanks for coming over today and installing cable. husband was really excited to have you come over. but our cable still hasn't connected yet because your servers are all backed up. thats not so awesome. but still. its appreciated.

Dear Hawaii,
I miss you. a lot. i took you for granted and i'm sorry. hope to see you again sooner than later.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


You know what i hate....confrontation. in any way shape or form. hate it. don't do well with it. get so worked up and nervous and it just stresses me out.

just today (like five minutes ago) I had to deal with a form of confrontation dealing with a nanny job that i was going to take (like i started it today. went up to learn the schedule etc). i had JUST left the house when my mom called me in a panic and said that her daycare (the daycare she has used for the past 3 years) gave notice today. she got a full time job. can't watch my 3 and 4 year old brother and sister anymore. which leaves my mom in a bind. a bind that i can help her with. and want to help her with because well....she's my mom...duh. and they are my family.

so i had to call the said nanny job and tell them that something came up and that i actually can't nanny for them like i had planned. i feel HORRIBLE. not only did i wake the poor woman up from her sleep. i dumped this news on her. she said she needed to gather her thoughts and call me back.

she called back and we talked and i said i could still help out here and there, which i can. but ugh. i just feel awful.

i hate confrontation.