Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back in Business

We haven't had working internet for the past couple of weeks...and finally it's BACK! which means we're back....but with only 2 weeks left in hawaii.

all pictures from my little point and shoot canon

Even though sometimes i complain about living here (i know, i know, its paradise, how does one complain?!) i am starting to get really sad to leave. We both say that we are "ready" to get off this island paradise, and we are, but not without a little bit of a heavy heart.

here are some things we will miss the most...

-the beach as our backyard. whenever there is a few hours that nothing is going on and chris is working, i head to the beach, lather on some maui babe and tan to my hearts content. its a little pieace of heaven.

-haleiwa eats. the.best.thai.food. mmmmmmm pineapple fried rice. deeeelicious. and as long as we are on the note of food....blazin steaks, haleiwa joe's (oh those mashed potatoes, i swoon), papa ole's etc. gooood eats people. good eats

-haleiwa town. SO cute and fun and touristy but its just a happy sunny place.

-waimea bay. my favorite beach in the entire world. its perfect.

-spotting and swimming with dolphins and sea turtles. so awesome

-driving along kam highway and being right up along the coast and looking out into the beautiful ocean.

-the low key way of life here. it doesn't matter who drives what (because we all drive junk :] or how much money you have, everyone just gets by and enjoys life.

-the gunstock bikepath. i've started to log some miles on that path and i'm going to miss it.

-acai bowls/smoothies from angels. i could eat one every single day of my life. i've already looked into getting acai packets at home so that i can make them on demand. now we just need to find the perfect granola....mmmmmm i will probably miss these the most.

Hawaii. you have been good to us. we will miss you a lot. good thing we still have 2 weeks, one of which will be spent with my fam bam playing tourists on an island we have grown to call home. we got it good, falling in love and starting a life together on a small island paradise. you will always hold a piece of our hearts.

and as my mom said "enjoy it now, work and all, because soon you won't be there, and you'll work the rest of your life to get back there" too true....

Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday...

To my beautiful MOM!! I am so lucky to have such an amazing, talented, hardworking, and selfless mother. You are such an amazing example to me and if I can be half the mom that you are some day I will have done something right. Love you forever.

Cant wait to party it up aloha style in 9 days!!!!!! :]

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday

To my awesome, funny, cute, hard working DAD!

I love you soooo much! I hope the big 5-0 is magical. You don't look a day over 20!

Love you forever, like you for always
Forever and ever my daddy you'll be!

(ps I have lots of cute pictures I wanted to use for this post but alas, our Internet has been down all week, going on 2, and all photos are on my comp. I am currently typing this out on my wonderful husbands iPhone. Glad we pay a trillion dollars rent each month for no Internet and no washer...still! I digress...)


Monday, March 14, 2011

Letters to the Universe

Dear Washing Machine,

You stopped working mid cycle the night of the tsunami warning. I wanted to have clean unerwear in case we got evacuated. Now i have a pile of clothes sitting in a basket that are growing mustier as we speak because you stopped when they were soaking wet. (ps. yes i did let them air dry. still musty). I salvaged some clean underwear, but i'm still bothered you are not fixed.and sitting there full of water. almost 5 days later.

Dear Sears Man,

Come fix the washing machine already. With no public laundry facilites here in laie/kahuku, you are realllly starting to sress me out. who am i kidding. i'm getting pissed. hurry up!

Dear Hawaii,

Thank you for the sunshine. I love you for it. thanks for the sunburn this weekend (truly). you have made me feel tan all weekend. like mama always says "bacon looks better fried" :]

Dear Rhapsody,

Thanks for your 60 day free trial when you download the app. You are letting me listen to all the songs i really want to download on itunes but don't because they are expensive. Just so you know, i will discontinue you after the 60 day free trial because i don't really think you are worth 9.99 a month. at all. but i promise i am enjoying all the music right now.

Dear spring break children,

It's spring break. shouldn't you be sleeping in? not waking up earlier than usual to play basketball and scream outside?! oh it doesn't? crap. also this is saying something, because we are normally up early. SLEEP IN FOR HEAVENS SAKE!

Dear Messy apartment,

Clean yourself. I recognize that its mostly my fault for letting you get cluttered, but i would appreciate it if you would magically empty the trash, do the dishes in the sink, sweep the floor, mop, and maybe even pack some boxes for me to ship home.

Dear Self,

Why in the world do you have so much crap in hawaii?!?! have fun getting that all home :/

Dear Running,

I really want nothing to do with you this morning. But that would prove that i can't do what i set my mind to. so I will hang out with you for a little bit this morning. begrudgingly running. begrudgingly.

Dear Husband,

Thanks for being such a hard worker and getting up before the sun to go to work (i get some credit too because i get up to drive you there...right?). i love you.

also, thanks for speaking to me in justin bieber language. ie...whenever i call you babe or baby you reply with "baby baby baby ohhhhhhh" or when i say "love me" you sing "love me love me, say that you love me". its funny. i laugh. and you have bieber fever.

Dear Japan,

I keep seeing footgate on youtube/facebook and with each video i get more and more heartbroken. Know that the world is rallied behind you, for whatever thats worth.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

so what...

if we like trash tv.

like bravo. and the housewives (oc. beverly hills. new jersey. ohhh new jersey!) and maybe even sometimes jersey shore. (chris will kill me for actually admitting that...)

Husband woke up on Friday morning feeling realllly dizzy (i was already all the way in town for a sub job on the military base). he informed me later that day that he missed work and had a dr's appointment...and didn't tell me until i was almost leaving school so i wouldn't freak out. probably good but caused me to totally freak out anyways.

turns out, husband has vertigo. some sort of inner ear probably that kinda throws of your equilibrium, makes you dizzy, and sick. i think. either way...not awesome.

his one request saturday morning. "please watch an episode of millionaire matchmaker with me. no distractions!"

so what if we like trash tv ok?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Cuz Baby You're a Firework..."

No this post does not have anything to do with Katy Perry, or disneyland, although i do wish it had everything to do with disneyland....

You see, Chris can't sleep when there is ANY light in the room, something i didn't know until just recently.

Instance #1
Sometimes i forget to turn of my computer and the antivirus (which talks to you...loudly) wakes me up. I quickly get out of bed to turn if off so it doesn't wake chris up too. The other night, i started this process and out of nowhere, with a slightly sassy voice i hear "WHAT are you doing? It's like a freaking fireworks display in here!!!! Turn it OFF!" uhh really babe....a fireworks display?

Instance #2
Living where we live, houses really are piled on top of each other. We can hear our next door neighbor blow his nose (not kidding). That said, when they turn on lights, it illuminates our entire studio as well. The night after the fireworks display comment, the neighbors turned on their bathroom light. It happened to shine in the window right by our bed (again as we were falling asleep, like i was almost completely out of it, something that rarely happens quickly). Chris, again very sassily (is that a word?!) says "Jess! shut the curtain (it was shut ps) its bright in here. what are you even doing?!?"

Does Chris remember this the next morning? No. Do i get scolded in the middle of the night and take blame for any and all light that enters our apartment. Yes.

In other news, I have been subbing a couple days a week still.

So far this week:

-got asked by multiple students if i was going to prom in a few weeks. PROM PEOPLE! really? do i really look like a student still? i don't think so either.

-had two students leave my classroom, without permission, go around the corner, and smoke weed. REALLY?! REALLY?! i was BUGGED. they denied it. i called security. they didn't get in trouble. SERIOUSLY?! (hey guys, i'm not stupid, i went to high school too. i know what it smells like and what people look like when they do it.) ahh, i was so frustrated i wanted to scream. why do kids do dumb things?!

-I've started running every other day. My goal is to run in a 5K (starting small) on memorial day. So far so good. Still don't love running, but can actually make myself do it now (except for today, i really don't want to go right now. motivation, where are you!!)

And here is a little treasure picture for you all. I had just got home from a run, cleaned the kitchen, and was sitting down to eat some apple slices (yes i'm three, yes apples are better sliced), when i saw our good friend Gilbert. I read online that gecko's have quite the sweet tooth and really love fruit (probably why he is constantly in our trashcan). So i bit off some little pieces of apple, and yes, yes i did feed them to our gecko...and he LOVED them. isn't he cute?! and pretty with all that bright coloring? i like him. and will probably continue to feed him.

One more thing. I love costco. Is it weird that i get excited to go to costco so we can eat at the snackbar? oh it is? crap...
:] Happy Wednesday.